Visual Art Consulting

Artist Info

Artist Name: Alyssa Daniels


Education: Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts B. F.A- Fine Art-Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL


Occupation: ​Visual Artist/ Muralist


Organizations: Tau Rho Mu Christian Sorority



​Location: Based in Montgomery, AL


​Hometown:  Lacrosse, WI


Art Skills: Drawing,



                  Graphic Design


Artist ​Statement:  I am inspired by life, people,  mystery, history, and of course family. People and their differences and similarities seemed to always intrigue me. We all come from such unique

backgrounds and we all have stories to tell. These stories make us who we are. No matter how good, bad, or ugly our pasts are they are the reason that we are who we are today. I learn something every day from the contact of those that aren’t like me and those are the stories I like to portray in my artwork. My artwork is a mixture of realism with a hint of sass and a whole lot of attitude.


Confidential Consultant, LLC visual arts division provides business and marketing assistance to all . We provide unique and creative creations for your personal as well as business enjoyment. Services designed to enhance your business and personal life. We provide the following services:

·         Murals & Sculptures

·         Customized Designs

·         Original Art Pieces

·         Art Lessons (Ages 5-12)



"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."
- Oscar Wilde